Indie punk rock

The Kuwagos is more than just a band. It is foremost a friendship between four people that could not be any different from each other. And like all true friendships, we often find ourselves at odds with each other with our personal opinions and beliefs. I believe this push and pull is what made the band special. This friction translated to creating songs that are bigger than our individual selves.

It has been more than ten years since our last record. A lot has happened since. During our time apart, our songs and the band took a backseat. We became fathers and has taken on more responsibilities both at home and our careers. But the yearning to be creative and be expressive was always there. And we know in the right time we will again get together as a band and share, in our songs, all the triumphs and heartbreaks we have gone through in this journey. We would like you to come along and perhaps relate to these new songs and call them your own. These are your stories and ours.

2007 upon the release of their self-titled debut album, and 2019 2-Single independent release which gave the Filipino-American music fans songs that will resonate for ages: Tabo, Eh Ano Ngayon, Ikaw Lang, Gusto Mo, and Maynila, to name a few.The Kuwagos, based in New Jersey are perhaps the greatest band to ever sing the stories about being a global Filipino.